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*faint in happiness*
Uh...this is Midge....uh...yeah he kinda spazzed out in happiness and then fainted at dinner. at Ned's house when I told him..I had to drag him out of there xD

-Midge ('cause Mike is out of commission right now)

...Doctor's Apointment...Results...

 So,  Midge has been feeling a little sick lately, so today, I took her to the doctor's to see what was up. i know many of you are dying to know what the outcome is...

We went into the hospital and they performed a few tests on Midge. She was a bit freaked out, since she's no fan of doctors, or needles (I men, who is?), but I was there with her the whole time, so I guess that sort of put her at ease...and I have to admit, hearing nurses call Midge, Mrs. McLennan sent butterflies in my stomach *blush*

Well, after about a 30-45 min wait, we met up with Dr. Whoovy in his office to find out the results of the test. We were both nervous, but I think I was the one that was sweating bullets xD. After congratulating our marriage, he got out our test results, examined them carefully and told us the news...

and it was...


...we're going to have a baby...
We are GOING TO HAVE A BABY! OH WHO, HOW WONDERFUL! I jumped up and down and even kissed Dr. Whoovy (ew now that I think about it xD). due to my excitement. Midge looked really surprised, but was extremely happy. We walked out of the hospital, almost skipping out in utter happiness.

Since it's too early in the pregnancy, we won't know how many kids we'll be getting. In about a month, we should be able to know. :D

Well, now Midge and I have to go to work ...

But how CAN we work? WE'RE TOO EXCITED!

I'm going to be a dad! :D


PS, Harmony, I guess you were right xD

((ooc: So yeah, I decided to go ahead and confirm Miidge being pregnant. It'll give for a good storyline to work with. Only problem is I have NO idea how many who's she'll give birth too, or even how the process of giving birth to who's goes. I know for sure she is NOT going to have 97 kids....xD I dunno, suggestions would be cool, but I have tons of time to think this over :D ))

Oh dear...

 Um, so Midge is feeling a bit queasy right now. In fact, as I type this, she's in the bathroom...throwing-up...Not what i expected to happen once we got back from our honeymoon D:

I just made an appointment with Dr. Whoovy to see what's up. I hope it's nothing to serious...I'm really worried...

And if it is a baby...I'm going to scream from utter excitement...:D

Well...we won't know 'till Tuesday, so...fingers crossed.


The Greatest Moment of My Life

 Yesterday was the best day ever. It really was an event that made me the happiest person alive.

FINALLY! Midge and I are married! Se is now officially my wife! It makes me so happy to know that after years and years of loving her from afar, we are finally together  to spend our lives forever with each other.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who came to the wedding. It was incredibly packed; I felt like all of Whoville was there! I was so happy to see everyone, but I really started to cry when I saw Midge walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown while her mom lead her down the aisle. Then after we said our I do's, we kissed and everyone cheered. Oh, it was the best.

Then of course, we had a big party. All the kids ran amuck while I talked with Ned, Sally and a few others. Midge ran off to talk to my dad and Gertrude. I was surprised to see Vonfrood there, and actually congratulated  her on the marriage. I don't know if he meant it, but it must have taken a lot to say it. I know Gertrude was. XD

I eve saw Martha and the Grinch talking, though I saw them holding hands and running off....Who knows what they planned to do O.o

Tomorrow, we are going to "Boola-Boom Ball" for our honeymoon. I have NO idea where it is (besides that it's next to Solla Sollew), but Midge does and is really eager to take me. We'll be gone for a week. Siiggghhh...should be fun.

Oh well, thanks to everyone who came! You really helped make this day special.

See you next week!


 I know thing have been incredibly rough this year but...I had to say this...



I'm sorry...it had to be done. I'm too excited. I can't wait for that day *blush and sigh*


Oh dear...

Apparantly, Dr. Larue is not the only one who is having problems with Councilman Zweig...

I just recieved a letter by Midge today from Zweig, where he writes:

"Music at this point and time is not quiet as important as the many other needs at hand, Therefore Mr. McLennan, we are going to stop investments in both the School and Whoville Marching Band until further notice. -Councilman Zweig"

I suppose I can understand that they need the money for other such important Council things, but it I may be frank...

Um...Zweig, you are not the Chairman...you should not be making these sort of decisions without recognition of the Council, and either way, the Councilman should be the one to tell me! Not YOU

And on what grounds should you take music away from us? Music is one of the few happy things here left in Whoville. The kids love our music problems, and without those investments, the programs will die out, as will the Whoville Marching Band, who, may I add, has one several prestigious awards and always donated it's money to charity and to Council needs!

Grrr....alright, I'm done. Sorry about that. It just seems strange that he would stop funding funding Dr. Larue's lab research and now my music department. Strange....Oh well, I guess our secret experiment will be on hold for the time being.

On a lighter note, plans for the wedding are going magnificently. Midge and I have been spending tons of time together thinking about who will be the maid of honor, best man, flower girl, etc. Will update on that later, since I know many of you are curious.

Oh Midge, we are only months away from you making me the happiest Who alive. I love you!

Now, I better be off to grade some papers, before my lovey-doveyness distracts me...



PS, Midge and I have also been making plans on where we wold live together. We've decided to make both our houses connected to one another, so as to make one big house. We will also tear down the fence seperating our backyards to make one large one...in case we have children in the near future *blush*

*sigh* A Lovely Afternoon...


I had a quiet lovely afternoon today.

After Midge and I got back from babysitting the McDodd girls, we decided to go over to my place and try to decide on a set date for us to get married, where and if there should be any sort of theme at the wedding...

We were thinking of a Halloween wedding, but it's still being thought over...maybe a Christmas wedding?

We may want to do it at a park or something...not a church since we're both not religious Who's and I'm sure I'd be stuck by lightining considering how long it's been since I was last in a church. Ha ha...

One thing is for sure, we already know who would be on our guest list. Our families, the McDodd's, the Lou-Who's and the VonFrood's (though Gertrude more than anyone, but if your uncle must come, he can...I suppose ^^;)...and a few others, like Miss Manawho, Miss Yelp, Mr. Grinch and Max and a few of my fellow band-mates.

And of course, even our Nool friends Horton, Gertrude and their son would be welcome as well. :)

Afterwards, she and I decided to watch a movie together, and we ended up watching one of my favorites, being "Little Shop of Whorrors". Half-way though the movie, she snuggled up close to me and well...we stayed that way for a while. i don't know about you, but when a loved one is with you like that...you kinda lose track of time snuggling, watching a movie and you just...*sigh*

I know, I know...lovey-dovey stuff....but hanging out with Midge like that is enough to make me incredibly happy.

So...we're still planning stuff for the wedding...honestly, I never realized how much work it would be...hopefully we can set up a date for the wedding soon.

I'm hoping for the Halloween date


PS, so we're clear, the whole "snuggling" thing is NOT a euphemism...considering I know everyone reads these things in a different way ever since well...Mr. Grinch...

Um...yeah..you know...

Best day EVER



Yeah…I’m feeling really happy right now…really I’ve never felt so…oh, let me just tell you what happened… (even though most of you were there :D)

So, we’re still here at the Edible Parade…in fact, I think it won’t end until 10 o’clock tonight. But just a few minutes ago, something wonderful happened.


So, the parade started at around 8 o’clock and the parade floats began to make their way down the streets, showing off all sorts of wonderful foods formed in al sorts of shapes. Meanwhile, one could also eat as much as the wanted and dance to the music that I and the Who Marching Band Played. Midge tried her best to stay close to where I was, so that she could take pictures. Her mother stayed back, talking to a stranger in a trenchcoat (I think we all know who that was.)

Anyways, then later in the day, it was time for Harmony to come out and sing/lead in the Whoville pledge, which of course goes like this:


We got all that we need,

We need all that we got

We like it in Whoville

We Like it a lot!


Then, she began to sing some of my songs, and everyone love it! Harmony’s voice is really something amazing…I could see her family from where I was, and everyone looked happy and proud…


Then, the Mayor’s Meatball float approached. Ha ha…he was most DEFINETLY enjoying himself up there…

So the parade went on, and everyone was having a good time. So around noonish, I finished off one song and got the attention of the crowd. I of course, gave thanks to Mayor Ned McDodd and Councilman VonFrood  for another splendid Edible Parade, as well as thanking my band-mates and Harmony.


Then, I asked Midge to come up on the float with me. She looked at me with an arched eyebrow, but she did so anyway. So…with all the courage I could muster, I told Midge, in front of millions of Who-Strangers, how much I loved her, and what she meant to me. Of course, I got a few “Awws” I the crowd, and Midge blushed furiously…

Of course, she turned even redder when I went down on one knee…

And when I presented her with the Diamond ring I’ve been hiding in my pocket, she looked shocked. The crowd seemed pretty shocked too.

I was really red at this point, but I managed to say, “:Midge…everyday I’m with you, I feel an immense happiness I haven’t felt since you left 15 years ago. When you returned, you brought light into my life. So Midge McQuinn…will you marry me?”

I was nervous of what her reply would be, but then she looked at me straight in the eye, tears falling down…

Then she said the words I would never forget…


“Oh Mike…I love you…Of course I’ll marry you!”

Everyone in the crowd cheered (the McDodd family being the loudest), as I slipped the ring on her finger and hugged Midge, twirling her around as I did so. I even caught a glimpse of her mother, who was crying tears of joy.

So, after many hugs, kisses and a “YEAH!” from a young Who with a mohawk, the parade went onward only now as I conducted the band, Midge stood by my side…

So…we’re engaged! And it feels so good that she said yes! Of course, this means that the Lou-Who, McDodd, and VonFrood families are invited…

So much planning is now needed!

Well, I better go…I only took a moment to write this because we were on our break…

Good-bye for now!



Out Of the Hospital/Edible Parade Tomorrow

Well...Midge is leaving the Hospital today! The doctors said she was doing much better and that she can go home now. She's just signing off some papers, but she's coming home! Yay!

Which gives me very little time to do much...the Edible Parade is TOMORROW, and I still have a few papers I need to send in to City council. They need to pre-approve the floats and make sure the music is of "proper" tastes...whatever...

Harmony, I do hope you're ready...I'm sorry if I'm rushing you, but could you come over today for one last quick rehersal? *hug* Thanks in advance!

On top of all this..I'm going to make sure Midge's "gift" is packed up and ready for me to hide away before I present to her tomorrow...*blush*

I do hope everyone likes the Edible Parade tomorrow...I do know (from what Midge told me), that this means Hanna and Gertrude are off their punishments...and tomorrow is the last day Martha is visiting until she has to leave for another job offer...

Um...since Midge is too busy to write this in her journal, if you are reading this Mr. Grinch, Martha said she wanted to see you one last time before she left...She understands if you can't but, she just wanted me to tell you that..

I better go...I need to finish up some compositions...

I do hope Midge says yes...


((ooc: Sorry...I'm pushing the Edible parade for tomorrow, because I know Gertrude won't be here on Thursday, plus I'll be gone possibly Friday and Saturday, watching Hellboy 2 and Dark night XD))

Midge Is OK!


So MUCH has occurred the last few hours...it's like a whirlpool of drama.

Anyways, Midge is fine...thank Who. She suffered from too much stress, and she was dehydrated from lack of nutrition (kinda her fault for not eating). The doctors told us she'd be able to come out in a day or two.

Midge finally woke up today too...I'm sure it came as a surprise to see everyone she knows, smiling at her and glad that she's alright...I know it put a huge, yet sleepy smile on her face.

The girls were so happy to see Midge, they nearly threw themselves at her, smothering her with hugs. Harmony was crying...poor girl...and Midge was at near tears herself.

I think the biggest surprise was when her mother gave her a huge hug and told her how sorry she was. Midge was happy to hear it, but she couldn't help but smile when she noticed that her mother and Mr. Grinch were in the same room..acting, well...civilized.

Even though Mr. Grinch tried to hide how worried he was about her, he still didn't escape a hug and a small kiss on the cheek from Midge, for staying so long AND for not killing her mother (I know the temptation was strong for him...XD). Max even slobbered all over her...*laugh* the nurses had to go and change her bed-sheets.

Cindy, Gertrude and Hanna basically told Midge that they were glad that she was alright. Gertrude did tell her that she was stupid for not eating and whatnot...she said, even though she was stressed, it still doesn't excuse you from having a balance mean three times a day...or something like that. She was right. Midge agreed, and told them she would never do it again.

Then...I came up to her and...well...I gave her the biggest hug imaginable and kissed her several times...I could hear the girls giggling in the background.

Midge felt awful about what she did before she passed out..and apologized...she knew I had no idea of the situation, and that the stress made her blow off the handle...I didn't care...I was just so happy she was alright...

I'm going to stay with her, and so are the rest of us until they kick us out when visiting hours are over. Midge says she's happy to be awake and even more happier that  she has so many people that care about her...

Plus...this means she'll be able to go to the Edible parade with her mother before she leaves..an she still wants to know what my present for her is...*blush*